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White Russian

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White Russian is a very strong, healthy and fast growing plant with a fantastic appearance. Also very popular for outdoor cultivation in Spain, France, Italy and California.
A stable cross of the original AK-47 and the famous award-winning White Widow clone from the 90s. It is of medium height, develops into substantial and "not too leafy" plants.
The plants have a rather strong odor throughout the growth period. Winner of the High Times Cannabis General Cup in 1996 and the Cup for the best organic herb in 1997. Latest awards won by White Russian: 1st prize Indoor, El Punto Cup 2005, Málaga in Spain and 2nd prize Extracts, Highlife Cup 2013, Amsterdam.

Indica / Sativa: 80-20 Days: 55/60 Cross: AK47 x White Widow

Prodotti Suggeriti