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Jack Herer KO

Sensi Seeds

Crem de la crem is probably one of the most exquisite strains you will ever encounter, ranked as the most awarded line in the history of the cannabis cup. Nine cups and always in the lead, it should be the pinnacle of recognition for anyone, yet Jack Herer manages to go further and stands out for being distributed under prescription from Dutch pharmacies, as it is recognized as a medicinal grade cannabis strain. (Bedrocan)
The elite Sensi line was named in honor of Jack Herer, author of 'The Emperor Wears No Clothes'. Through tireless activism and his breakthrough book, Jack Herer can take the most credit for reminding the world that hemp, in all its forms, is humanity's most valuable resource—we could literally save the world!
The sublime tropical blend of Sativa and monstrous strength of Indica, captured in Jack Herer, must be experienced to be believed.

Indica / Sativa: 50% - 50% Days: 63+ Cross: Haze x (Northen Light x Shiva Skunk)

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