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Rhizotonic rod


RHIZOTONIC is a revitalizing plant extract that stimulates the growth of the plant's root system.

It is rich in vitamins and trace elements which rapidly develop the roots and promote the rapid rooting of newly repotted seedlings.

RHIZOTONIC also increases the plant's natural defenses.

A plant may have weakened defenses when, for example, it is still young or has just been repotted or pruned. In these cases RHIZOTONIC cushions the shock, stimulates root growth and reduces the risk of diseases or slowdowns in development.

For faster results, it can also be applied directly to the leaves with a sprayer. This technique is particularly suitable if the seedlings have not yet formed many roots.

RHIZOTONIC stimulates root growth, increases resistance to diseases and increases the internal and external quality of the plant.

Rhizotonic rod.

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