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Organic Rhizotonic cane


Bio RHIZOTONIC is the most powerful root stimulator, 100% natural, certified by Control Union Certifications as a product not containing chemical fertilizers, pesticides, chemical or synthetic artificial odors, colorants or preservatives.

Bio RHIZOTONIC contains various vitamins, including vitamins B1 and B2 which promote the generation of roots in the hair and apical area, increasing the resistance of the plant.

A vigorous root system allows the plant to absorb more nutrients and therefore grow more quickly. Bio RHIZOTONIC has a visibly revitalizing effect on plants!

Thanks to this stimulator, plant roots will penetrate deeper into the soil. For this reason it is the ideal product for stressed plants, or for the moment of repotting or transplanting into the ground.

Furthermore, Bio RHIZOTONIC has a beneficial and invigorating action on diseased plants or unhealthy-looking plants.

Organic Rhizotonic cane.

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